Jackpot and Moonwalk Llais in france

6 working- puppies ( 3 boys-3 girls )  are born at 25.01.2018 in france

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Jackpot and Astra Nuts Netherlands

Jackpot is father of 6 male-puppies at the dutch Kennel- Nice of you to Come bye, born at 28.08.2017

It was too sweet to watch all time the nice videos and follow how much this people are loving and waiting for her new familiymembers! Every week there was a beautiful new collage done of this little stunners. Thank for this great puppy- time!

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Djalu with 7 month


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Jackpot and Jippieh 30.12.2016

Jackpot is father of my lovely golden I- litter of Silent Storm




Jackpot and Life 31.07.2015

Jackpot is the father of my wonderful E- litter of Silent Storm

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